University Benefits and Privileges for Retirees

Revised March 2011
(transcribed by UGRA from HR document provided to Retirees)

1.  Extended Health Benefits and Out-of-Country Coverage

As a University of Guelph retiree currently paying premiums for extended health care benefits, out-of-country coverage will apply as long as you or your insured dependent has provincial health care coverage. Sun Life has confirmed that this provision refers to any Canadian provincial plan, not just Ontario’s plan. Sun Life will not accept any substitute for a Canadian provincial plan. OHIP generally covers you for six months while you are outside the province, but coverage may be extended on application to OHIP prior to your date of departure. If you plan to move to another country for a lengthy period of time, or take up permanent residence in another country, check with Human Resources/Client Services, 519-824-4120, Ext. 56594 regarding the impact on your health and dental benefits.

For more information on all non-provincial plan items that would still be covered, it would be wise to check with Sun Life at 1-800-946-1046 or·1-B00-361-6212.

If you have any specific concerns or questions, please call Human Resources/Client Services at 824-4120, Ext. 53374. If you have Internet access, refer to the Human Resources Retirees web page: for detailed information.

2.  Scholarship Plan

Available to retirees’ spouses and dependent children under the age of 25.They must register as-full-time students to qualify.

3.  Tuition Waiver Program

Available to retirees who wish to take a single course. Those retirees who are eligible for tuition waiver must complete a Staff Registration and Tuition Waiver Request” form and submit it to Human Resources.

It is essential that retirees follow the normal procedures for contacting Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services, Level 3, University Centre, regarding their selection of courses.

4.  Retiree Parking Rate

If the retiree is not receiving any payment from the University (pension payments are payments from the pension plan, not the University), then he or she is eligible for a 50% reduction from normal parking rates. Arrangements must be made through parking services.

5.  Use of Athletic Facilities

Retirees, their spouses and adult children are eligible to purchase an Athletics Membership from ‘the Athletics Centre cashier. Basic membership provides access to recreational swimming, skating, squash and tennis. Small additional fees are required for recreational hockey, the fitness circuit, weight room, aerobics classes and a locker. The Athletics Recreation Information Line is 824-4120, Ext. 56253.

6.  Use of University of Guelph Email Account

At the time of retirement, a retiree may choose to keep his or her e-mail account. In order to keep an e-mail account, the new retiree must make the request during the retirement interview. Human Resources will contact CCS on your behalf. Although HR will inform computing services of retirees’ intentions, all new retirees are asked to contact CCS (at ext. 58888) upon the date of their retirement to confirm that they intend to retain their email account. There is no charge for this service.

7.  Library Services

Retirees retain their library privileges with the same rights and responsibilities they had as employees. If you still have your card, you need only register with the circulation and interlibrary Services Desk, 1st floor, McLaughlin Library in order to continue your privileges. If you do not have a current card, Human Resources (5th floor, University Centre), will issue a form to obtain a new card. (This service is not instantaneous.)

As an added benefit, retirees may enjoy access to the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement under which Canadian university libraries have agreed to extend in-person borrowing privileges to students, faculty and staff from across the country. See the web link for more details.

8.  University Club

The University Club grants a free lifetime membership in the University Club to all retirees who are paid-up members of the Club at the time of their retirement. This membership allows them to enjoy member prices for food and drink. Anyone, including retirees, can go to the Club and enjoy the food and drink offerings without being a member; they will simply pay non-member prices.