Executive Committee

2023-2024 Executive Committee


Alan Filewod President  
Clarence Swanton Vice President  
Larry Shuh Treasurer  
Joseph Tindale Secretary  
Patricia Shewen Past-President  



Jane Alexander Membership  
Teresa Crease Website  
Grant Maxie Advertising  
Cathy Ralston Newsletter Editor  
Gerrit Bos Director  
Peter Krell Director  
Jan MacInnes Director  


Alan Filewod photo
Clarence Swanton photo


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Joseph Tindale photo


Alan Filewod

~ President ~

English and Theatre Studies, College of Arts
Clarence Swanton

~ Vice President ~

Plant Agriculture, Ontario Agricultural College
Larry Shuh

~ Treasurer ~

Budget, Financial Planning, Financial Services
Joseph Tindale

~ Secretary ~

Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
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Jane Alexander photo


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Teresa Crease photo


Patricia Shewen

~ Past-President ~

Pathology, Ontario Veterinary College
Jane Alexander

~ Director ~

Student Housing Services
Gerrit Bos

~ Director ~

Information Security, Computing and Communications Services
Teresa Crease

~ Director ~

Integrative Biology, College of Biological Sciences
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Janet MacInnes photo


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Cathy Ralston photo


Peter Krell

~ Director ~

Molecular and Cellular Biology, College of Biological Sciences
Janet MacInnes

~ Director ~

Pathobiology, Ontario Veterinary College
Grant Maxie

~ Director ~

Animal Health Laboratory, Ontario Veterinary College
Cathy Ralston

~ Director ~

Hospitality Food and Tourism Management, Lang School of Business and Economics


To contact the Executive Committee send your email to UGRA@uoguelph.ca