Planning to Retire?

UGRA, March 3, 2017

A Checklist of Things to Consider
– from the Experience of UGRA Retirees

The UGRA has developed this document as a guide for University of Guelph employees, from any employee group considering retirement.  It points out questions to be considered and suggests sources to consider to help in answering them.

Planning Retirement from the University of Guelph (PDF document)


  1. Plan your retirement
  2. Plan your retirement date
  3. Decide between University of Guelph Pension and commuted value
  4. Plan your retirement meeting with HR
  5. Determine what ‘universal’ privileges you might like
  6. Determine if there are other privileges/arrangements you want after retirement
  7. Sign up for your OAS and CPP pensions
  8. Other financial considerations

Stay informed through the University of Guelph Retirees Association

One of the primary objectives of the UGRA is to keep retirees informed about pensions and benefits, and to alert members if there are any changes that may affect them. We also pass on advice to retirees that comes from CURAC and similar organisations that may be of interest/benefit to our members. Finally, we work with the University to enhance the privileges that you are entitled to as former employees.

So, let us keep in touch with you by signing the UGRA contact permission form provided to you during your final retirement meeting with HR or by contacting us directly through the UGRA web site,

Please also consider becoming a regular contributing member of the UGRA when you retire. A contribution of only $25/year sustains the work of the UGRA Executive Committee. This includes an informative website, news and information by periodic emails, 2 annual educational Forums and other social programs.