Federal Basic Income for Post-COVID times

The Royal Society of Canada struck a task force in April 2020 to study the reponses and challenges in Canada's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The report on their findings can be found on their website outlining their perspectives on a federal basic income as part of Canada's recovery program.

Pension Updates for 2020


Pension Message from University Administration

We hope all of you are well and managing in these unprecedented times.

UGRA Scholarship Winner for 2019-20

We are happy to announce that William Wareham has been awarded the 2019-20 UGRA Scholarship. William is currently doing an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics.  He is the grandson of Dr. Robert McCrindle from the Department of Chemistry.

Guelph Wellington Seniors Association COVID-19 Response Update

The Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) has sent out an email to its members containing some very useful information.  There are links to a number of interesting websites to keep you busy during these social-distancing days until we can get back to some of our regular activities.  Below is an abridged version of the email.  If you are not already a member of the GWSA, you might want to consider joining.

Seniors and Covid-19 - Some Common-Sense Suggestions (advice from Lakehead)

Seniors and Covid-19 - Some Common-Sense Suggestions

(With thanks to Brian Phillips, Chair, Retirees Association of Lakehead University, Communications Committee)

Seniors, in general, may not have the stamina to wait in long queues or jostle with anxious crowds to purchase items remaining on shelves, so it is only common sense that seniors take the Covid-19 situation seriously and make some preparations.

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