Carlton's Lifelong Learning Winter 2022 Lecture Series Registration Opens

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This is a quick reminder that Carleton's Lifelong Learning registration for the Winter 2022 Session opens Tuesday, January 11 at 10:00 a.m. ET, at

Tuesday’s registration will be for the following five online offerings. Each mini-series is three weeks long. You may read information about our online format, and participants’ reactions here.

You can view all Winter 2022 offerings on this page, or use the individual links below to see the lecture series description, dates, times, lecturer biography, and links to other participants’ feedback.

Lecture Series:
A Grand Tour of Solar Systems, with Dr. Andrew Robinson

Journey to Three Musical Destinations: Reggae, Hip Hop, and New Technologies, with Keith McCuaig

Genesis as Myth and History, with Dr. Shawna Dolansky

The Neuroscience of Stress, Mental Health, and Resilience, with Dr. Ashley Thompson

Thriving in the Digital World: Taking Control of Your Tech, with Adrian Cho


Lifelong Learning Program

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  • Requests for registration before the designated day cannot be considered. Each offering will have its OWN registration form, and you will be prompted to pay immediately using our secure online payment page. At 10:00 a.m. ET, links to these registration forms plus additional registration details will be posted on our website, If you do not see the links, refresh your page in a moment.
  • Each registration form will require registrants to review and agree to LLeaP policies; in order to fill out your form more quickly, you may like to review these policies ahead of time.
  • You can only register one person per form. Should you wish to register with a partner or friend, an additional form must be submitted.
  • The form will automatically shift to a waiting list form once the allotted ‘seats’ have been filled. We will draw from this list if spots are released or increased, or if we offer a repeat session.


  • NOTE: Our online lectures and workshops are considered live events. We may make and use recordings as a backup in case of technology problems. However, at the moment we do not share recordings, in part out of copyright and intellectual property concerns. Our approach may change in the future when we have a more secure place to store and stream recordings.


  • Before attending your first lecture, we STRONGLY encourage you to watch the 10 minute Zoom training video we have created to familiarize yourself with Zoom’s features and understand the LLeaP online session format. You can find our Zoom training video here: .  There you will also see help for installing the desktop application on a laptop/computer, plus other helpful resources. Any live Zoom training sessions will also be announced there.
  • We strongly recommend that you test your internet connection, camera, microphone, and settings by joining a Zoom test meeting, You will be the only person in this meeting, and it is used for the sole purpose of testing your equipment. 
  • We’d like to remind you that Connected Canadians offers free one-on-one technical training and support for older adults. If you need help with Zoom or other tools, or want to learn more about how to use technology to connect to virtual programs like online support groups, learning events, and social programs, call 613-699-7896 or sign up for help at Outside of the Ottawa area, 1-877-304-5813 (toll free). We recommend that you do so before lectures begin.

You can join our low-volume email list to receive advance notice of our offerings, registration day, and some free events at Carleton University.

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