UGRA Fall Forum 2021 by Zoom

Date and Time


Save Thursday November 18 for the UGRA’s Fall Forum from 12-4 pm. Once again, for your safety this will be a Zoom meeting. An invitation will be sent our to you in November with a link to access this event.

We are pleased to focus on the College of Arts. There are so many things happening in the college post-pandemic.

Our first speaker is Kimberly Francis (Professor, Music) who will speak about the massive new development of the Arts Research Centre on campus. Spearheaded by a multimillion-dollar grant to the COA-based International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation.

We will have a small break and then continue our COA focus with the COA Dean, Dr. Samantha Brennan. We are honoured that Dr. Brennan will be joining us.

Dr. Brennan is a feminist philosopher and ethicist, Brennan’s research spans a wide range of areas in contemporary theoretical and applied ethics, including rights; moral issues within families, such as children's rights, parental obligations, and family justice; feminist ethics; and the moral and political value of equality. Her ongoing research interests also include gender identity and sexuality, workplace ethics, and the moral significance of human mortality.

Doctor Brennan will be speaking on the new things happening in Arts post-pandemic.

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