McGill Retirees presentation on WWII daring escape from Belarus

Date and Time


Zoom webinar


The McGill University Retiree Association (MURA) is inviting you to attend a virtual presentation about a perilous escape of Belarus citizens during WWII and their remarkable strength, hope and resilience.

Virtual Winter Lecture

MURA is honoured to host a virtual presentation by member Sylvia Sklar, and her daughter Dr. Alissa Sklar and grand-daughter Maya Hillcoat on their family’s incredible tunnel escape from Novogrodek Ghetto in Belarus - 100 km outside of Minsk - and the Bielski Partisan Brigade. The Bielski partisans were the subject of the 2008 movie, Defiance, staring Liev Schreiber and Daniel Craig.

Co-presented by three generations of descendants of two escapees and former partisans, this presentation came together following their participation in the Bielski Brigade 75th descendants’ reunion in Belarus in 2019.

Title of the Presentation:
Out of the Forest! A Holocaust Story of Escape, Defiance, and Resilience

60 min presentation (including film footage) followed by 30 min Q & A

This will be a Zoom webinar. To obtain a link to the event, please register by clicking here.

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