CURAC has a new column in ACADEMIC FOR LIFE

Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2023

CURAC has a new column in the University Affairs(UA) online Magazine called ACADEMIC FOR LIFE (


The first article, Entering the next chapter: the value of university retiree associations,  published is by Dr. Fred Fletcher, Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Communications Studies at Toronto’s York University, and chairperson of the communications committee for the CURAC/ARUCC board of directors.

The second article Staying in Touch After Retirement, is by  Robert A Stebbins, Professor Emeritus-Sociology, University of Calgary




UGRA members interested in publishing an article are invited to send details to the Editor of the column:

Editor, CURAC Column –Academic for Life—in University Affairs online Magazine and 

CURAC Board member and Chairperson, Later Life Learning (LLL) Committee:

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