Changes to retiree off-campus access to on-line resources

Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

The library-access questions were a bit complicated, not least because there doesn’t seem to be a central source of information that ensures retirees are correctly listed on the CCS campus directory. The October message about the changes to access to resources went to many retirees, including a good many University Professor Emeriti and College Professor Emeriti who continue to be very active in their academic area! But some departments had updated CCS on information for retirees, noting names of people who were still in active association with the department. These people retain off-campus access to library on-line journals purchased as licenses from vendors for use by registered students, faculty, and staff (including nil-salaried folks!) as before. The key thing is making sure you are listed – not as a “Retiree” - but as an eligible user through off-campus log-in. The best approach to doing this is likely you being pro-active and requesting that your home department and/or college confirm your status to CCS for how you are listed in the UG Directory. A recent revision to the library webpage information indicates the upcoming changes to access to on-line resources for retirees, which provides key information:

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