University’s Strategic Renewal Project

An invitation for UoG retirees to contribute to the University’s new strategic planning process …

The President of the University of Guelph has initiated a Strategic Renewal Process … “an opportunity for [the University] to articulate a common purpose that will shape the University’s future”. Dr. Vaccarino invites broad participation:

“This is an initiative for the University by the University and all its stakeholders both on and off campus. We’re relying on internal expertise to manage this project and to create final recommendations that truly epitomize U of G, inviting input from everyone who cares about its future.  … We’re particularly interested in hearing your general thoughts on the University as it stands today.”

Stage 1 of this 2-stage process provides opportunity for wide input.  Through early December, input and comments on the university today, and its future direction, are sought through meetings and online.

In early November, the UGRA executive met with Prof. Kerry Daly to offer thoughts on key questions about the strengths of the University and its challenges.  Prof. Daly extended an invitation to all retirees to provide their thoughts through the project website #ChartOurPath.

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