CURAC Conference Newsletter

The UGRA is a founding member of CURAC (College and University Retiree Associations of Canada), a federation of Postsecondary retiree associations at colleges and universities across Canada. CURAC celebrated its 15th anniversary at its recent annual conference held at Carleton University this year. Besides being a great social opportunity for retirees, the conference featured discussions about the role of CURAC and member retiree associations and an impressive set of speakers covering a number of topics including retiree health and well-being.

Read articles about the Conference in the recent CURAC Post-Conference Newsletter, in particular, the reports of presentations by invited speakers. Speaker Bio’s and their slide presentations are available through a link in the newsletter.

  • What is the cost to Canada for access to the U.S. marketplace – Dr Ian Lee
  • Iconic Canadian beers a product of the temperance movement – Dr Matthew J. Bellamy
  • Collective responsibility to provide health care for all, especially those who need it most – Dr Jeff Turnbull
  • If we are all living longer, let’s make it a healthy experience – Dr William Dalziel and Dr Yoni Freedhoff
  • Two campuses collaborate to create a uniquely relevant high-tech degree – Dr Rebecca Trueman
  • Baristas can do better with a baccalaureate: longitudinal study shows how a degree pays off – Dr Ross Finnie
  • An active mind is as important as an active body – Dr Tim Pychyl