Board Executive



  • Doug Badger,   UGRA rep. on University Pension Committee
  • Dana Paramskas, Membership      (
  • Jamie Snell,   Newsletter Editor      (

    Your 2015-16 UGRA Executive Committee
    Former  2015-16 UGRA Executive Committee
  • Thom Herrmann
  • Frances Sharom
  • Betty Clyde
  • Roz Stevenson


The following members carry out important roles for the organization but are not members of the 2016-2017 Executive.

  • Janet Kaufman, Past-President last year, is continuing as the UGRA rep on the University United Way team to support retiree giving to the United Way.
  • Dave Swayne,  a former UGRA President is Vice-President of the national university retirees association, CURAC.  He is keeping us informed about issues related to CURAC.